Toilet Tissue Paper Casting

cottonelle toilet paper (because it contains less lint)
liquid laundry starch
an-easy-to-use pan for the solution (I use a brownie pyrex square)
a cookie sheet or like tray for working in
measuring cup
large cellulose sponge (or cheap sponge)
wax paper
choice of stamps (HINT: stamps with fewer details work better)

Mix two parts water to one part liquid laundry starch

Put the liquid solution in a pan which is easy to use (I use my brownie pyrex).

Fold your TP so it is in 8 layers, just slightly larger than the stamp you have selected.

Lay the TP in the solution.

Place stamp rubber side up.

Lay soaked TP on stamp and brayer over stamp 4-5 times. This squishes a lot
of liquid out of the paper, but if you don't have a brayer, just use a sponge,
wringing between soaks.

Tear the edges of the TP so you have that "torn paper" look. This is
easiest done when the edges are still dripping with water from the brayer.
(if you prefer, you may wait til after it is dry to tear the edges).

After brayering and tearing, press a sponge on the TP-covered stamp until
excess moisture is soaked up. This usually takes me about 4-5 presses of a
thick cheapie cellulose sponge, wringing the sponge out between presses.

Carefully lift a corner of the TP, and the rest will easily come off the sponge.
Lay on WAX PAPER to dry. (you do not want the casting to adhere to paper
towels or other paper)

Usually dries in 4-12 hours, depending on humidity and how much moisture
you squeezed out to begin with!

Because the starch stiffens the TP, and because TP is porous, chalks work
well on it, and you don't even have to spray affix!!!!

In the case of Stampfest 2001 trades, I used a 3.5 x 3.5 sun stamp, cotton balls,
and 5 colors of chalk, beginning with the light yellow and gradually shading into the
darker colors. They were much more brillant than the example shown here. These were
embellished differently -- some with glitter and glass beads, others with jewels, and others
just with the glass beads. However, the castings looked quite pretty before they were
embellished. Even simple amount of tiny glitter would have looked great in the center!

I got the stamp at Tamp-a-Stamp last year -- THE ARTFUL STAMPER company.

((( hugs )))

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