Believe it or not, this was way too easy to
do! (Or I couldn't have done it!) This is the technique I learned from Joyce with A Stamp in the
Hand. I just took my apple stamp (Hot Potatoes) and colored directly on it with my markers.
I used Marvy #11 lt. green, for the base color on the green apples and used Marvy #4 green,
#6 brown, #45 sepia, #5 yellow (also used for the base on the yellow apples on different postcards),
#43 brilliant yellow, and Tombow #815 for shading and highlighting. I didn't use all those colors on
all the postcards, but sort of played around with them till I found the combinations I liked best.

I colored the base color first. Then took a yellow and outlined the light spot on the stamp and put
some on the edge. Then I used a dark green on the opposite side to show the shadow area. I added a
little red for fun on a few. I used the brown and a little red on the bottom and just below the stem.
Then I took my green again and blended the colors. I used lt. green and both browns on the stem
and again blended them together. When I was done coloring the stamp, I *huffed* on it and stamped
the image in the center of my white glossy. Then I *huffed* again and stamped below it.
*Huffed* a third time and stamped above it. Then I just stamped randomly all over the cardstock
huffing as needed to show more color. I then took a stamp with words, colored parts with the Sepia
and stamped it. I finished it off by edging with my 18KT. Gold leafing pen.
It sounds much harder than it was!

Shelli M in Pembroke Pines

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