In Memory of Sondra L.


Some are made with CDs, shrink plastic and/or Friendly Plastic.
I added charms, jewels, tiny gold holeless beads, color embossing powders.

One pin has a square button and the Fairy charm has a Magic Mesh-type fiber,
used lots of UTEE, gold and clear, and the modern sun has a small round mirror.

The one with the skull and rose in it's mouth is the one I'm going to be wearing,
I like Pirates and the skull reminds me of them.

You must heat the CDs first with the heat embossing tool, it's better to hold with a pair of pliers
as it gets extremely hot, when it's hot, use an inexpensive, but sturdy pair of scissors and start cutting
them out the way you want them. If they are sharp on the corners just reheat that part and trim sharp
edge off with scissors or you can try to file them. I usually use the scissors.

From there you work on them as a base, similar to working on paper as a base.
Be very careful, even when embossing them, as they get very hot. I like to use the UTEE
on them, as I can create a thick layer to stick smaller or flat embellishments on. I also use the
E6000 glue for adhering bigger or thicker embellishments as in the one with small angel figure on it.

Have fun, Sondra