In Memory of Sondra L.


I made a small Shrine using one of those small dollhouse-size plain wooden cabinets.
The Shrine cabinet measures from tallest part (clay head) 5" to widest part at bottom 3 3/4"
First I removed the shelves, painted it with Acrylic paints and sprayed it with
Krylon gold webbing.
Cut out picture of angel, from a printed art sheet to fit the inside, glued her down
and added embellishments.
Then I decoupaged some stamped images on brown tissue paper to the sides,
top and part of the front.
I made a Sculpey III clay head, which I glued onto the top of cabinet.
Anyway, it was fun and didn't take me too long to make.
Thought I would share it with you.
Happy Stamping, Sondra :-)